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Whether you need a speeding ticket lawyer, civil litigation assistance or anything in between, we use our experience and resources to help you make informed decisions. Learn more about how we can help you by contacting our office.  We are located across from the courthouse in downtown Greensboro.

At the Law Office of David E. Sherrill, we are not just a criminal and divorce law firm.  We have extensive experience handling a broad range of other matters, as well.  Below are some of the areas of law we routinely help clients navigate.

Contracts and Business Related Matters

Being an experienced negotiator is essential in any contracts case.  Whether drafting solid agreements that protect a client’s interests or reviewing agreements for potential concerns, an attorney experienced in contacts can protect you in the process.

Sometimes disputes arise over certain facts in even well prepared contracts.  When contract disputes occur, you need an attorney who can explain the options you have to address the matter.  Contracts are difficult to interpret properly and contract law is confusing.  Every word in a contract matters and may have a different meaning than you think.  A skilled attorney will review the contract, explain your rights, and help you resolve the problem.  If a resolution cannot be reached out of court, you will need an attorney experienced in civil litigation to protect your interests at trial.

We also help clients in business related matters.  If you want assistance starting a business or just want some advice on where to start, we can help you develop a plan that best suits your needs.  You may want to set up a company or corporation and may need certain paperwork to get started.  We can help guide you along the way.

If you are currently engaged in a business and want to close or terminate your involvement in the business, we can help you explore your options.  We can advise you on the best practices to effectively take those next steps.

Civil Litigation

A civil dispute can be very stressful because you often don’t know what legal options you have for addressing the issue.  If you feel you were wronged by someone else, or someone is claiming you wronged them in some way, you want someone who can listen to you and give you honest advice about what can be done to resolve the matter.  Often these cases can be worked out with an agreement between the parties.  However, sometimes parties cannot agree on how to reach a resolution.  In those cases, the matter may have to go to trial for the court to decide the case and the proper recourse.  An experienced litigator can help you reach an amicable resolution and, if an agreement can’t be reached, will also be prepared to fight for your rights in court.

Guardianship and Incompetency

If someone is physically or mentally not capable of caring for themselves, they may need to have a guardian appointed to manage their affairs and make important decisions on their behalf.  An incompetency proceeding is needed for a court to declare a person incompetent and in need of a guardian.  We represent clients who believe they are competent but where someone is claiming they no longer have the capacity to manage important matters independently.  We also represent parties who want to have a competency determination made so they can protect an individual from harm or being taken advantage of because that person can no longer manage their own affairs as a result of some mental or physical limitation.

If the court declares someone incompetent, then a guardian will need to be appointed.  The person most suited to serve as guardian can usually be agreed upon; however, sometimes disputes can arise about who is best to serve in that capacity.  We also represent would-be guardians to advocate to the court why they should be named as the appropriate party to serve in that role.


We handle simple wills to give you peace of mind in planning for the future.  A will helps determine how assets will be distributed upon a person’s death.  We can prepare a will that sets out how you want your property distributed when you die.  If you die without establishing your intentions in a will, your assets will be distributed according to an established legal process.  This can cause disputes within the family and can lead to bitter legal battles.  Clients feel better once they create a will that lets them decide how they want their property divided.

Living Wills

We can also help create a living will that will allow you to express your wishes about medical interventions that prolong your life, which may be important for people who develop life-threatening conditions.  We work with you to explain your options and help get the documents finalized.

Health Care Powers of Attorney

We can prepare a health care power of attorney for you that will designate someone who you want to make health care decisions on your behalf if you become unable to do so. This gives you comfort knowing that someone can make decisions for you that knows you and your wishes.

Durable Power of Attorney

A durable power of attorney allows another person to handle your important matters should you become unable to do so while you are still living. Decisions about paying bills and use of assets are important and, should you become ill and incapable of handling your affairs, you can provide someone with the ability to manage those matters for you.  It enables you to establish guidelines for what assets may be used to manage important aspects of your life.

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