It is possible to handle your divorce without an attorney; however, there are several things to consider before doing so.

  1. Filing the proper paperwork. There are procedures for filing a divorce case, including having the right information provided in the paperwork.  Not having the correct information and forms can result in delays or a dismissal of the divorce case.
  2. Serving the other party. Before the divorce can go forward, the lawsuit has to be properly served on the spouse.  This can often be difficult because there are specific rules to follow and sometimes the spouse’s whereabouts are unknown.
  3. Waiving your other rights. When filing for a divorce, there are certain rights that may be waived if not included in the divorce pleading.  You will not be able to have the divorce court address your property rights, including house, money, or personal items.

These are just a few areas where people often make mistakes and why you should have an attorney involved.  You may end up spending more money and time trying to handle the matter yourself, than if you had hired an attorney to handle it for you.  At a bare minimum, you should have a consultation with an attorney to fully understand your rights.