What Is A Prayer For Judgment?

A Prayer for Judgment (PJC) is more formally called “Prayer for Judgment Continued.”  Depending on several factors, when a defendant pleads guilty, or is found guilty, the judge may decide not to enter a final judgment.  Sounds great, right? Well, it’s not that simple.  The court is not allowed to grant a PJC for certain [...]


What Should I Do If I Missed Court?

Failing to appear in court can have serious consequences, including a possible Order for Arrest, a $200.00 fee added on top of any court costs, and a suspension of driving privileges.  An attorney can work with you to resolve the matter; many times avoiding the negative consequences from missing court.  It is important to address [...]


Where Can I Find My Court Date?

North Carolina provides a website where you can find your court date for criminal and traffic cases, which can be accessed here.  However, there are times when your case may not show for different reasons.  Sometimes, the case hasn’t been put in the system, yet, or an officer has not turned in the citation, or [...]


Is A Public Defender As Good As A Private Attorney?

Yes, an attorney in the Public Defender’s office is just as good as a private attorney.  We have an excellent Public Defender’s office in Guilford County.  They are some of the hardest working attorneys around, especially in light of their massive case load.  They operate under the same ethical duty as every other attorney, which [...]


Do I Need An Attorney For A Criminal Case?

When you first appear in court, you will be asked whether you want to represent yourself, hire your own attorney, or (if you cannot afford an attorney) have the court appoint the public defender’s office to represent you.  (However, some low level offenses do not qualify for a court-appointed attorney.)  With any criminal charge, there [...]

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