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Speeding Tickets and Traffic Violations

Many people don’t take speeding tickets seriously enough. While annoying, speeding tickets are often thought of as a simple transaction – pay your fine and the matter is settled. However, paying your fine means you’re pleading guilty or responsible and that has consequences, such as traffic points against your driving record and increased insurance premiums.

If you received a speeding ticket in Guilford County, don’t simply pay your fine. Talk to an experienced Greensboro speeding ticket defense lawyer first. We will provide you the information you want, which is to know what impact the speeding ticket could have on your license and what options are available to get the best outcome possible.

At the Law Office of David E. Sherrill, we offer skilled representation in all types of moving violations, including speeding tickets. We represent clients both in and out of state who need representation in Greensboro and High Point for traffic violations. From simple speeding tickets to reckless driving, our attorney works hard to protect your rights and your driving privileges.

Helping You Understand Your Options in Greensboro Speeding Ticket Defense

At our firm, we want you to understand the various options available to you after receiving a speeding ticket. We understand the consequences of simply pleading guilty to a speeding ticket, such as:

  • Points against your driving record
  • Losing your driver’s license
  • Increased insurance premiums
  • Possible criminal charges depending on the severity of the charge (i.e. reckless driving or high speed cases)

We also understand that simply going to court may not be in your best interests. We offer up-front, straightforward advice about potential risks and the practicality of going to trial so you can make informed decisions about how to proceed.

We can help by negotiating to obtain favorable results with your speeding ticket without needing to go to trial. We always keep your best interests at the forefront of our approach and seek solutions that protect your driving record and insurance costs.

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